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Your car’s air conditioner functions like a refrigerator. The purpose of the air conditioning system in your car is to transfer heat from inside to outside.

There are six main parts to the air conditioning system in your car:

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The moment the air conditioning system in your car starts, the condensing coils, which are often located in front of your car’s radiator, receive the refrigerant under pressure as a result of the compressor’s operation. The condenser cools the air inside the car by releasing hot air outside. The refrigerant cools as a result, turning from a gas to a liquid, which then travels through the expansion valve and onto the evaporator.

The liquid-state refrigerant is delivered to the evaporator, which then releases pressure and cools the remaining liquid. Air is blown into the car’s interior and across the evaporator by the blower. The refrigerant runs through this cycle repeatedly if your air conditioner is left on.

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In the summer, if one of these parts is broken, it might convert your cool car into a furnace. Simple fixes for your car’s air conditioner include changing a valve or topping off the refrigerant. Bring your car to HB Diesel if your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. Your car’s air conditioner, all of its lines, the evaporator, and the compressor will be checked by one of our qualified air conditioning specialists for leaks and wear.

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